Zignaly Review 2020 – Upsurging Bitcoin Trading Bot

Zignaly is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that is currently fairly unknown and small but has big plans for its future. You can tell from the name of the bot that its primary focus is on crypto signals (Signaly – Zignaly).

In this Zignaly review, we will go over the major selling points of this bitcoin bot, how does it work, how safe is it and whether it can compete with its top-shelf competitors like Cryptohopper (here is a full review), Margin.de (reviewed here) or Bitsgap (reviewed here, taking over the bots niche by storm).

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What is Zignaly?

Zignaly is a cryptocurrency bot, an automated, cloud-based trading platform that integrates 5 cryptocurrency exchanges and lets traders set parameters and rules for automatic buy and sell orders.


What exchanges are supported on Zignaly?

Zignaly vows to add more exchanges to its platform but currently, it is falling behind its competition in this regard as it only offers support for 5 exchanges: Binance, BitMex, Kucoin, Bittrex and Poloniex. For context, Cryptohopper works with 12, 3Commas with 23 and Margin.de with whopping 25 exchanges.


Major features of Zignaly crypto bot

Top features that Zignaly team likes to highlight include:

  • Crypto Signals – you can take advantage of external signal providers to manage the Buy / Sell orders. You will need to do your own research before trusting some of these signals providers with your trading decisions. What is interesting is that Zignaly allows you to add your own provider or even to become provider yourself.
  • Unlimited coins – You don’t need to select coin pairs in Zignaly as they accept all the pairs from your enabled signal providers.
  • TradingView bot – This is one of the major competitive advantages of Zignaly over its rivals: you can send your own signals from TradingView by using indicators or their “Cryptocurrency Signal Finder” recommendations.
  • Trailing stop loss – extremely popular option…

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