Zayo now connected at 85,000 sqf data centre in Texas

Until 2035, those building data centres in the region can apply for tax exemptions if their investment is of at least $150m and creates 50 news jobs.

When a locality wins a data centre project, the investment
is reason for celebration. Local and national news pick up the story, an
official ground-breaking ceremony is carried out, Mayors and politicians get

Data centres are becoming a beacon of local development and
winning a facility could transform the local economy for decades to come – this
if locals don’t bar the project.

For Prince William County, in Northern Virginia, data
centres are now a crucial part of the local economy and the county is now
celebrating the fact it has surpassed the 5 million sqf data centre space mark.

North Virginia is the world’s largest data centre market and Prince William County has been the choice for 41 data centre projects amounting to $9bn of capital investment, figures now released by local authorities reveal.


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The projects have over the years created over 1,170
highly-skilled jobs, as well as hundreds of construction jobs and indirect jobs
across the county.

Corey Stewart, Chairman At-Large, Prince William Board of
County Supervisors, said: “We are pleased to announce the achievement of such a
significant milestone within our existing data centre industry.

“Our success within this systemically important industry is
as much a testament to positive underlying market fundamentals as it is to the
sound leadership of this community.

“It underscores the fact that we are decidedly pro-business
and are willing to take the necessary steps to provide the framework in which
businesses can grow as evidenced in the recent changes we’ve made in the zoning
text amendments.”

Local authorities’ works to attract even more investment are
also being put to practice. For example, in June, the Prince William Board of
County Supervisors approved the amended zoning ordinance text for the Data
Center Opportunity Zone (DCOZ) Overlay District.

The ordinance explains that as a result of this amendment, “data
centres are now permitted an increased Floor Area Ration (FAR) within the DCOZ
Overlay District up to 1.0 FAR. Data centres outside of the DCOZ may request an
increase in FAR through a special use permit process, as described and allowed
in Sec. 32-400.04 of the Zoning Ordinance,” as stated in the new ordinance.

The amendment follows last year’s COPT announcement to build
two data centre facilities in Innovation Park and most recently the completion
of a total of six data centre projects in Fiscal Year 2019 by the Department of
Economic Development.

Christina M. Winn, Executive Director, Prince William County Department of Economic Development, said: “This overlay district fosters more efficient land use and offers greater consistency and clarity to guide future development.

“Companies in the Information Communications Technology industry typically look for locations with: resilient and affordable power; commercial zoning; connectivity/latency; and existing water capacity, which is what makes Prince William County one of the nation’s industry leaders.”

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