YUSRA Global Is a Young Cryptocurrency That Has Managed to Achieve High Results in Only 1 Year of Existence

Studying the phenomenal success of this cryptocurrency, many ask the question: “What is the secret of the success and such a rapid growth in popularity of YUSRA?”

Key success factors include:

  • Unique technologies and blockchain innovations;
  • A well-thought-out economic model;
  • Exclusive marketing strategy;
  • Personal leadership qualities of advisers;
  • An atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in the community.

Thus, the phenomenal success of YUSRA Global is a combination of many factors that interact with each other. Everything is connected: without the unique developments of the team of programmers, an effective economic model would not work, and without a competent marketing strategy, the community would not expand and grow. All technical and marketing achievements pale in comparison to the personal qualities of the team. It is people, and not just a collection of unique IT technologies, that make Yusra what it is today!

Unlike most of its competitors in the crypto industry, YUSRA is not a dummy with a multi-page White Paper and constant promises of releases of some mythical unique technologies. YUSRA Global is already a successfully functioning ecosystem today, consisting of several decentralized services:

YUSRA MARKETPLACE is a free decentralized trading platform, similar to an online marketplace, where sellers and buyers can place their goods (goods, equipment, services, real estate, etc.) on their own platform.

YUSRA P2P EXCHANGE is an online exchanger, which is an analogue of the Local Bitcoin platform and allows you to buy and sell YUSRA cryptocurrency directly between users on the basis of P2P transactions.

YUSRA PAY is a payment system that allows you to pay for mobile communications, television and Internet services directly for the YUSRA cryptocurrency. At the service of users is a huge selection of operators, providers operating throughout Russia, as well as other countries.

YUSRA WALLET is a specially designed…

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