Youtuber Ali Spagnola Compiles All Her Free Paintings Into an NFT – Featured Bitcoin News

In mid-January,’s newsdesk wrote about the popular artist and Youtuber, Alicia Dawn “Ali” Spagnola after she “accidentally got bitcoin rich” from her Free Paintings project. Since then, a great number of people told her to create a non-fungible token (NFT) asset with her artwork, so she decided to execute the idea after many requests. Spagnola chose to mint an NFT that stems from a combination of the 2,809 free paintings she’s created during the last 14 years.

A $500K NFT After Giving Away Free Paintings for 14 Years

In her recent video on Youtube, Ali Spagnola is hoping to entice elite NFT collectors (Beeple buyers) with all of the hard work she spent on her “Free Paintings” project. Spagnola is a popular musician and artist with 345,000 Youtube subscribers, a large following on Tiktok, 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

While focusing on her content creation and career, Spagnola started a project 14 years ago where she’s been giving away free paintings by request. To date, she’s distributed 2,809 free paintings to people all around the world. Now while she does them for free, she also allows donations, and one year she got a whole bitcoin for one of her paintings, which depicted a colorful image of the leading crypto asset.

Spagnola forgot all about that donation and realized years later that it was worth tens of thousands, and a whole lot more than the original $50 value. She decided to make a video about her bitcoin discovery and she even went to meet the person who gave her a bitcoin (BTC) and she also gave him a much larger painting of a bitcoin.

14 Years of Art for $500K: Youtuber Ali Spagnola Compiles All Her Free Paintings Into an NFT
The Youtuber and artist Ali Spagnola discusses her idea to mint a non-fungible token collectible from her 2,809 Free Paintings project.

Spagnola’s bitcoin story went viral as her popularity got a huge boost from the crypto community, and a myriad of proponents recommended that she should mint a non-fungible token (NFT) asset. The Youtuber then…

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