YEO Conference To Include Session on Blockchain

Blockchain has huge implications for supply chain logistics, food safety monitoring and more.

The seventh annual Young Executives Organization (YEO) Conference, which will be held May 4-6 in Nashville, is set to include a breakout session on the hot topic blockchain.

YEO Board Chairman, Jeremie Myhren, chief information officer for Road Ranger convenience stores, will lead the technology track session, titled, “What is Blockchain and how will it affect you?”

Blockchain has become a hot topic. The concept became well known for its payment applications, like the famed Bitcoin, and has grown from there. Blockchain is a continuously expanding list of digital information/online records called ‘blocks’ that are linked and stored in a public database (the chain), and secured using cryptography that can be accessed using the internet. It has huge implications for supply chain logistics, loyalty programs, customer data management, food safety monitoring and more. This session will detail how blockchain works and what c-store retailers need to know.

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About YEO
As the convenience store and petroleum industry continue to evolve, training the leaders of tomorrow is more important than ever before. To help young executives have a group that is solely focused on exchanging personal experiences with peers in their age group, the National Advisory Group (NAG) is proud to be growing its Young Executives Organization (YEO).

YEO’s mission is to cultivate young talent in the convenience store and petroleum industry through implementation of education and networking. YEO accomplishes this mission by leveraging the experience of NAG members to help foster superior leadership skills.

YEO members are industry leaders who are approximately 40 years of age or younger. Members are entrepreneurs, leading top businesses and actively pursuing a higher level of…

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