xSigma Announces Its ETF-Like Decentralized Fund and Platform – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ZKIN) (“ZKIN“, “ZK International” or the “Company”), a designer, engineer, manufacturer, and supplier of patented high-performance stainless steel and carbon steel pipe products primarily used for water and gas supplies, is pleased to announce its ETF-like decentralized fund and platform, which is the second DeFi project in xSigma’s ecosystem. The project’s website: https://xsigma-etf.com.

The announced ETF-like protocol will be a decentralized fund based on Ethereum blockchain, that will diversify between major crypto assets related to the DeFi space. In addition, it will provide a platform that will enable others to create indexes and it will be branded and known as xTF by xSigma.

The decentralized smart contract application (DApp) is expected to act like an index of the major DeFi tokens, allowing crypto investors to capitalize on overall growth of a wider share of the DeFi market, and potentially reducing risks and transactional costs. xTF by xSigma is also expected to allow others to create ETF-like decentralized funds on their own with just a few clicks. It will allow institutions and individuals to create own indexes, attract capital and earn on trading fees and expense ratios. The fees can be configured, and various business models can be implemented. Finally, the platform is expected to turn into a marketplace or aggregator of various indexes.

Indexes will be presented in a form of tokens issued on Ethereum blockchain. Users will be able to buy or issue ETF-like tokens using ETH. Issuing tokens means increasing the fund’s size and requires adding more assets to the fund. Withdrawing funds from the capital requires burning according amount of tokens. Critically, all people who engage with the DApp will retain control of their crypto assets (e.g. Ethereum) and will be able to deposit assets into the DApp and withdraw them from the DApp at their…

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