XRP Could Soon Fall Against Bitcoin, Analyst Warns as Pressure Builds

Over the past few days, Bitcoin has strongly outperformed altcoins, especially Ethereum and XRP. On Wednesday, when BTC was trading 8% down on the week, both ETH and XRP — the second and third-largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, respectively — were down nearly 15% since the weekly open, crushed under the pressure of BTC volatility.

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Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market’s capitalization has since recovered, the two aforementioned altcoins are still rather down on the week against Bitcoin. Traders expect this trend to continue.

XRP to Fall Against Bitcoin, Analyst Warns

According to popular cryptocurrency trader Jacob Canfield, XRP’s pair against BTC has just lost the support of the 20-week simple moving average after trying to hold it as support for weeks. He notes that if this level breaks down, he expects for the XRP/BTC to fall “much lower.”

It isn’t only the fact that XRP/BTC failed to hold its 20-week moving average that is a harrowing sign for bulls of the cryptocurrency.

Trader Velvet remarked that he expects for Bitcoin’s dominance metric to hit 78% — some 10% higher than current levels — by March, just four-odd months away. He remarked that for this to take place, there is likely to be a “slow bleed” in the prices of XRP and ETH. This comment was made in tandem with his assertion that BTC will hit $20,000 by March 2020, which is a move that will force altcoins relatively lower.

Speaking to Forbes, Joe DiPasquale, CEO of cryptocurrency hedge fund manager BitBull Capital, remarked that the…

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