XRP and LTC Now Available on Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange

Cryptocurrencies continue to fight their way towards entering the mainstream, with the most recent victory happening in Germany. The country’s second-largest stock exchange, Börse Stuttgart, has just approved ETN’s (Exchange-Traded Notes) for two cryptocurrencies — Litecoin (LTC) and XRP.

Two new ETNs

The stock exchange’s team noted the achievement, saying that this is the first time that Germany’s investors will be able to purchase and sell ETNs based on digital currencies. The move might have been inspired by the recent addition of four securities issued by XBT provider in Sweden.

Just like ETFs, ETNs are transparent, strictly regulated, and highly protected investment instruments. Investors can use them for investing in various other assets, which is an important achievement for the two coins, but also the entire crypto space. Now that XRP and LTC ETNs are on a massive and respected stock exchange, their liquidity is likely to significantly increase.

However, what is more important is that this increase will be amongst institutions, and accredited investors. In other words, while cryptocurrencies have always been available on various crypto exchanges — they were never particularly attractive to accredited investors and institutions. The reason for that is simple — there was a lack of investor protection, and that is the major issue for professionals.

While they know how to deal with volatility, they are not prepared to risk experiencing losses due to hacks and thefts. Instead, the road to including institutions and accredited investors appears to be through ETNs, ETFs, and other, similar means. This was confirmed by billionaire Mark Cuban back in 2017, who had invested in BTC via ETN on a stock exchange based in Sweden.

Back then, Cuban argued that crypto investing was interesting, as there are many assets which have their value based on nothing more than supply and demand. There is no intrinsic value among most stocks, as you do not really get…

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