XRouter – The Biggest Advancement Since Ethereum

Blocknet’s XRouter, the world’s first blockchain router, is the final component poised to fill the gap required to create an “Internet of Blockchains.” XRouter enables any and all blockchains and smart contracts to communicate with one another and allows the monetization of inter-chain and multi-chain services. This is all made possible via decentralized access without a single chain download being necessary. XCloud, a decentralized microservice network built on XRouter, also allows decentralized access to off-chain oracle information that can then be made accessible to blockchains and smart contracts. In short, XRouter and XCloud solves blockchain interoperability.

The Internet of Blockchains (IoB)

To understand why blockchain interoperability, and subsequently, an internet of blockchains is so important to the advancement and acceptance of blockchain technology, an analogy is useful: the arrival of Bitcoin and specifically the blockchain is like the creation of the first computers. Early mainframe computers were only able to run a single program at a time, lacked any form of operating system, and couldn’t communicate with other computers. However, this soon began to change and these early computers eventually provided the platform on which operating systems would be built. In this way, the blockchain is similar in that it provided a common base principle that enabled the early blockchain ecosystem to evolve. To continue the analogy to the next logical step, one could liken the development of Ethereum to that of an operating system for blockchains. Just as the early computer operating systems enabled a computer to run software applications, Ethereum allows for smart contracts to function in a similar way because it has a Turing-complete programming language and smart contracts allow for systems and rules to be created so that execution of programs can take place. In the same way that applications could be built on dedicated operating systems on…

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