‘Wolf of All Streets’ Trader Says Dogecoin Is a Good Entry Point to Cryptocurrency, Has Advice for DOGE Investors – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Crypto trader Scott Melker, also known as the “Wolf of All Streets,” says dogecoin is a good way for new investors to get into cryptocurrency. Sharing his own experience in investing in the meme cryptocurrency, he now has some advice for new dogecoin investors.

‘Wolf of All Streets’ Scott Melker to Dogecoin Investors

Crypto investor Scott Melker has shared his experience in dogecoin investing, the Insider reported Friday. He also shared some advice he has for new dogecoin investors.

Melker is a trader and investor both privately and at Texas West Capital. He is the host of “The Wolf of All Streets Podcast,” the author of “The Wolf Den” newsletter, and an advisor to a number of blockchain-based projects. He also had a 20-year music career. In June last year, Binance awarded him the Influencer of the Year Award for North America.

Focusing on crypto investing, 70% of Melker’s own portfolio is allocated to long-term investment strategies. He believes that holding cryptocurrency long-term is the best way to make money.

Regarding dogecoin, Melker said that the meme cryptocurrency has been a very effective strategy for a long time. He believes that DOGE is a good entry point for investors to the crypto market since its price is currently less than a dollar and it is heavily touted by a growing number of celebrities and influential individuals, such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who calls himself the Dogefather.

The price chart for dogecoin. Source: Markets.Bitcoin.com

Melker revealed that at one point he owned tens of millions of dogecoins, if not more, the publication conveyed. “I did it again [recently] and I traded against bitcoin, when it was all the way down a few months ago,” he said. When he sold, the meme coin reached the top of its normal cycle at just under a cent, he detailed. Currently, dogecoin is trading at about 40 cents. Melker opined:

It just continued and obviously went up another 70 times from there,…

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