Winners of the CEX.IO Trading Activity Contest

Oh, it might be painful for the 6-10th winners! They fought so hard, and it’s a small difference in trades that threw them in the second group of winners. Juuust a little more effort and their prize would have been almost double! 

Will they come back with revenge? Because guess what, … the mission continues! And the trader’s work is never done! 

What does that mean? 😱

A new contest awaits! With more participating pairs!

So, if you won this one – can you crush the next one too?

If you opted in but never participated with trades – here’s a new chance for you!

If you waited out – don’t let the new competition pass by you – get in! 

Keep your eyes open and your fingers on the keyboard! The announcement comes soon.

And until then, over and out.  😎

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