Will We Be Bringing Crypto Trading to the Masses?

Bringing Crypto Trading to the Masses ?

That doesn’t mean what you think it does.

By Samson Williams

“Will Fidelity Be The Catalyst That Brings Crypto Trading To The Masses?” https://www.forbes.com/sites/donnafuscaldo/2018/10/16/will-fidelity-be-what-it-takes-to-bring-crypto-trading-to-the-masses/#559f0ef51936

I read this headline and was intrigued by the clickbaitiness of it and so decided to read the article itself. Not only is it click bait. Note – I’m not against click bait. But misleading click bait is the worst. Not only is it click bait, Fidelity in no way is bringing crypto trading to the masses.

Will Crypto Trading Go Global in 2020?

“Fidelity Digital Assets, the company will offer institutional investors custody services, a cryptocurrency platform and advising to its institutional clients.”

Fidelity is bringing crypto trading to the “masses” of institutional investors. But the click bait did get me thinking,

  • “Who are the masses?” and
  • “Why would they ever care about cryptotrading?”

The reasons these two questions are important is because without understanding who the market is, how big its potential is and its appetite, if you’re in the “crypto-trading” business you may find that you’re fishing in a thimble.

Are the “masses” ready for crypto trading? I’d say no. Globally, the world’s markets tetter on the edge of a recession and the masses come closer to falling over yet another fiscal cliff. In this era of uncertainty, from Brexit to Trump, the masses are concerned about the day to day of making ends meet and where the next meal is coming from.

Will there be a place for crypto trading? Yes, eventually. Cryptotrading will become a thing for the same reason that Wall Street and the stock market is a thing. The next generation of dreamers will be looking for a “new” and “easier” pathway to riches and wealth. Some will win, as is the case with all investing and speculating. Other, the majority of future…

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