Will Bitcoin Bottoms Attract Investors?

When it involves Bitcoin investments, tons of individuals may have a wrong idea regarding what to expect. The fact is that Bitcoin still has its justifiable share of problems and challenges. However, this could not come as a surprise. Bitcoin will reach its 11th birthday during a week, which still makes it very young, especially since it had been basically unknown for the bulk of its life.

Some of its problems include its blockchain’s scalability issues, its price volatility, and alike. Many would argue that volatility is that the worst part, because the anti-Bitcoin community often uses it to discourage people from buying and using the coin. Curiously enough, this community mostly includes those that have the most to lose if traditional money becomes a secondary sort of money.

Politicians, bankers, and economists who gain power and influence through fiat currencies are scared of cryptos, as they’re introducing a transparent, fair system that can’t be controlled and manipulated from the shadows. They likely realize by now that they can’t stop it, but they might still attempt to slow its progression down by preventing the general public from learning about it through subtlety and fear.

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This will not keep them afloat forever, but it’ll give them a couple of more years to accumulate wealth through traditional money. Meanwhile, they still ‘warn’ the general public of capital risks, while conveniently failing to means that any investment into any asset comes with similar risks.

Still, there are ways to take care of the value of cash by investing in things like gold. The value of gold is by no means set in stone, but gold remains less risky than BTC, because it features a trusted, long history and limited volatility. Of course, that also means there’ll be no major returns. 10 years ago, people purchased Bitcoins for fewer than a cent. Around two years ago, every BTC was worth…

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