Wildfire in Australia uncontrollable, people fleeing home, emergency declared in many areas

Publish Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2020 09:19 PM (IST)

Sydney, Reuters. The fire spread to forests along the east coast of Australia has gone out of control. Tens of thousands of trees and shrubs and thousands of animals have been consumed in this fire. The population living close to the forest has also suffered heavy losses. The hot air and poisonous smoke have made living in nearby towns and cities difficult. People are running away from home. The number of dead has reached 23. 12 of them were killed this week. The Australian government has declared a state of emergency in many areas.

All measures failed to control the fire

The strong wind on Saturday further ignited the Australian forest fire. Due to the high temperature and hot air, the fire brigade is facing many problems in extinguishing the fire. They are failing to contain the rapidly growing fire. Victoria’s condition is the worst. There, the administration has increased the level of emergency, while the level of emergency in New South Wales is slightly lower. On Saturday evening, Commissioner of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Shane Fijssimans, said the wildfire caught fire due to strong thunderstorms and thunderstorms. This fire continues to rage due to seasonal reasons. Many houses have been turned to ashes by the fire and many people have to leave the house.

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WHO warns, Karona epidemic will last long, this battle can be resolved patiently

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Thousands of people living as refugees

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a continuous decline in the weather conditions. Wind current is helping the fire to spread. The smoke emanating from it is hindering rescue work. The fire has seriously affected New Year’s events. Thousands of people are forced to leave their hometowns and live as refugees. Victoria Chief Minister Daniel Andrews has said that the situation is difficult. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced to ease the work of the fire brigade. Damage will be assessed on Sunday or Monday.

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