Why you should play at a blockchain casino with no house edge?

For fun, of course! The evolution of technology showed us that is always room for improvements, especially when we talk about entertaining players. From simple online casinos with few games and promotions, now you can select from modern-looking ones where the quantity of bonuses is not a problem. What is more, is that there is no need to search for these casinos yourself because there are plenty of websites that do this job for you. On King Casino Bonus, for example, you can find lots of options that will include all your preferences.

The future of online casinos looks very bright with VR online platforms and blockchain casinos with zero house edge. We know it sounds too good to be true but there are a handful of websites that offer these services. Put on your VR goggles and you can play some Blackjack in the sounds of coins dropping. As for the blockchain technology, this caught the eye of casino software developers quickly and led to creating platforms that can entertain all kinds of players.

What is a blockchain casino with zero advantage?

This technology is a distributed data storage system where a digital asset is shared among parties. It is safe, transparent and fraud-free. Bitcoin was the currency innovation that we need and what opened our eyes to the blockchain technology. Online casinos saw the potential in this cryptocurrency, and some started to add Bitcoin and other virtual cash as payments. Built on blockchain platforms, this new breed of online casinos is running autonomously and cannot be controlled by anybody, including the founders.

Everybody thought that the only way online casinos could make a profit is by house edge. Not the case when it comes to these houseless gambling platforms. They make their money by charging an insignificant percentage of each transaction or through initial coin offering that helps people to invest by purchasing tokens. Whilst they offer innovative service, these online casinos are still very niche and would take a while…

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