Why you should pick up the Coinbase 5 (ADA, XLM, BAT, ZRX, ZEC)

Not a lot of chart analysis here, but just some good ole’ investment advi… ideas. Better start with this: Trading cryptocurrencies or any derivatives involves substantial risk and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This information should not be considered investment or speculation advice. 

Boom – disclaimer done. Butts covered.

I can’t even explain how stupidly stupid we all should be about the coins in the title of this thread. There is such a buying opportunity here its silly. It’s actually ridiculous and bordering on insane. It’s hard to believe, but almost a month ago we first heard that Coinbase is looking at 5 cryptocurrencies to add to its platform. And the price action response was positive, shooting up dramatically in all cases and has since sold off. Now is the time to pick these up. Honestly. Seriously. I’ve been in this game for a while: not as long as many 30+ year veterans, but longer than most who try it out and fail within 1-3 years. I can’t even explain what an insane heads-up we’ve been given and what a gift the current price action is for these coins. Even if only a couple ends up getting listed, it’s worth it. There is no other single piece of a fundamental event in the entire cryptocurrency environment that is more bullish than the news about these coins. Coinbase isn’t the biggest ‘exchange’ out there, nor does it even offer something even close to the same number of coin options as Binance or even Kraken.  What Coinbase does have is this:


That may not sound like a big deal to the layman. But it’s a huge deal. I’ll keep repeating that here until something happens: ITS A HUGE DEAL. Any crypto that has custodianship is going to be ‘safe’ for professional fund money. Again, Coinbase may not have the same volume and number of offerings as other exchanges, but what that doesn’t matter. Coinbase is the single most important entity for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies out there. And when something gets listed on that site, it grows exponentially. The fact that a great many of these coins are still in the doldrums is just a crazy buying opportunity. How much of a buying opportunity? Well, that’s hard to quantify or even guess. But let’s assume in the next bull phase of this market things would exceed their all-time highs by a factor of 1.5 or 2. Now take into consideration the valuation of a cryptocurrency that will be listed on Coinbase. It’s an exponentially higher value.

Ok – but how much of all 5 would I pick up?

I don’t know what your capital situation is, but let’s just use percentages. For my longterm capital allocation for the Coinbase 5, here’s how I’ve divided the holdings:

ADA – 30% (the next generation)

BAT – 20% (new advertising)

XLM – 20% (new banking)

ZRX – 12% (platform, but nothing fantastic)

ZEC – 8% (Privacy coin, huge regulation issues, still too risky from an investment standpoint)