Why You Can’t Bet With Bitcoin at Online Casinos in the US

Since the dawn of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency landscape has seen a lot of digital currency gaming websites where users can wager their coins in games like poker, dice, blackjack and slots. Because public blockchains are transparent, the protocols have made online gaming provably fair. However, throughout most states in the U.S., residents cannot participate in online gambling as politicians from the ‘Land of the Free’ stop them from making bets with their own money.

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Government: Here to Tell You What You Can and Can’t Do With Your Own Money on the Internet

Online gaming with bitcoin has been around ever since the digital currency was launched. Back in the early days, players used well known gambling sites such as Satoshidice, Sealswithclubs, and Just-Dice.com. These websites have seen large amounts of players and millions of dollars worth of crypto bets using these platforms. In fact, six years ago today Erik Vorhees sold Satoshidice for 126,315 BTC, which at the time were worth $11.5 million. However, even though there’s a bunch of bitcoin online gaming sites today, most people in the U.S. cannot participate as online casinos block residents. So when a person is inside the country, usually the online gaming site’s server can tell that their IP address stems from within the U.S.

Why You Can't Bet With Bitcoin at Online Casinos in the US
Bitcoin.com’s Bitcoin Cash Games offers provably fair gaming for citizens not living in the U.S.

For instance, when a visitor from the U.S. visits Bitcoin.com’s Bitcoin Cash Games, they are greeted with a geo-blocking message explaining that they cannot play any of the games with real money. However, visitors from the U.S. can play with test tokens for fun on the BCH gaming casino.

“Our servers have detected that you are trying to play from inside the USA,” explains Cashgames.Bitcoin.com. “Unfortunately strangers living in Washington D.C. think that they have the…

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