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Why We Are Using Blockchain for Digital Credentialing

East Coast Polytechnic Institute is giving students full control over their academic records with blockchain-enabled digital credentials that are sharable and verifiable anywhere in the world.

It’s been just over a year since the East Coast Polytechnic Institute began issuing digital diplomas as an early adopter of blockchain technology and the Blockcerts open standard. During that time, our institution has issued nearly 1,600 digital diplomas and become a leading advocate for the use of blockchain for secure digital credentials.

ECPI is an accredited university that serves students in several southern states and online. Throughout our history, ECPI has taken a pioneering market-based approach to curriculum and works closely with employers and students to create degree programs that meet evolving market needs. One of our core values is “innovation in education,” including the use of emerging technologies to enhance students’ experience and maximize their success.

Deconstructing Archaic Credentialing Processes

Higher education is steeped in tradition, and one of the most meaningful traditions is the graduation ceremony where diplomas are awarded. That piece of paper symbolizes the successful completion of a degree program and confers all the “rights and privileges pertaining thereto.” But a piece of paper isn’t easily shared with future employers, graduate programs or other entities that require proof of a degree.

That’s why many secondary and postsecondary institutions rely on the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for the secure and FERPA-compliant transfer of student records. This service has allowed the registrars of participating institutions to effectively outsource the degree verification process. From the institution’s…

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