Why the Pros Are Paying 220% Crypto Premium

Would you be happy to pay double the going rate to buy something?

I think I can say with utmost certainly, there are very few instances where anyone would say yes to this.

Whether it’s a used car, a house or even just a set of tea towels, no one knowingly pays over the odds for something, if they can get the same deal cheaper somewhere else.

Especially not when the price is more than double.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in one exciting part of the investment world.

People are happily paying a huge premium to get exposure to one of 2020’s best performing assets.

And I’m not talking ‘mug punters’ or uniformed people either. I’m talking, institutions and accredited investors. People who normally do their due diligence.

Which leaves only one possible conclusion…

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You’d have to assume, they’re happy to pay such huge premiums because they expect even better returns from their investment later on.

In their case, a minimum 220% return just to break even — with expectations of a lot more than that no doubt.

Now, here’s the thing…

Today you can buy into the same opportunity as them and get in at less than half what they’re willing to pay.

This is a rare opportunity and it’s there for the taking right now.

Let me tell you what it is and what you can do to take advantage of this weird situation…

Institutions paying 220% crypto premium

Fund manager, Grayscale runs a number of cryptocurrency trusts.

These trusts are an easy way for accredited investors (i.e. rich people) and institutions to get exposure to certain cryptocurrencies.

They’ve a fund for Bitcoin [BTC], one for Ripple [XRP], one for Zcash [ZEC], and a few other single-asset trusts on offer.

But it’s the fund for Ethereum [ETH] that caught my eye recently.

You see, last week saw investors pay a whopping 220% premium to get some crypto exposure.

As reported in Coin…

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