Why Monero {XMR} and Cardano {ADA} will rise from the ashes if altcoins fail

Several analysts believe that altcoins will die out after a while. While 2019 has seen Bitcoin scale to $13,800 many altcoins are far below their ATH. Market dominance of Bitcoin has also been increasing steadily with the passage of time. The king coin will keep flourishing as more investors pour in.

The Cardano Project has unveiled a lot of plans. The eras left to cover include Shelley, Goguen, Basho and Voltaire. These phases will bring about decentralization, smart contract execution, scaling and appropriate governance respectively.

The Shelley Testnet is expected to be fully planned and released by the end of this year. The IOHK contract exists till 2020, after which it needs to be renewed. If Charles Hoskinson and the rest of the executives can stand by their word, Cardano would transform into a “third-generation blockchain”.

Monero is the king of privacy. While 2018 say ZCash scaling great heights, this year has witnessed a change as ZEC sank below #20. The YCash fork didn’t work in favour of ZCash yet, while Monero has been gathering support from all over the world. Hackers, folks who venture through darknet marketplaces, and thousands more use XMR to carry out illicit activities.

While this may be interpreted as bad news, it is a blessing for the Monero community. The hallmark of the Monero network is privacy, and such instances prove that XMR is here to stay. I’m pretty sure governments need black hats even to this day, and this need for cyber-experts is bound to grow in the following years.

Cardano is ranked at #13 while Monero stands at #10 in the market. Both tokens are trading in the red zone. ADA has a low drop rate of 0.06% right about now, whereas the XMR plunged by 2.35% in a span of the passing day. The trading volume recorded for Cardano is…

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