Why John McAfee Backed Docademic’s ICO? “It Could Possibly Be One of the Best ICOs of All Time.”

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John McAfee, as we all know, is a polemicist who maintains an irrefutable sway on the crypto community. His tweets are powerful and can garner a lot of attention. Recently he’s been promoting ICOs ranging from home repair to gambling projects: But when he started promoting Docademic, a healthcare ICO that claimed it was offering free basic healthcare for the world and saving lives, verification was necessary. Not only did the company and what it does pleasantly surprise expectations, but also its token economics were staggeringly better than most ICOs seen in the last year.

Docademic is a company founded in Mexico by former Med Students who created a method of offering Free Basic Medical Health Services to the public.  This may seem simple to grasp but it’s quite complicated and it is why their company is now on a path to change the world of medicine as we know it.  Get to know a little bit more about the company: https://www.docademic.com/

By downloading the Docademic app, registering and pressing a button, a patient can talk to a doctor, 24/7, face to face for Free.  All this while maintaining a quality of service that is standardized and conforms to government mandated legal and regulatory protocols.

Docademic CEO, Charles Nader, explained the dynamics powering the company in a public telegram group chat where he personally responds to questions from participants: “Docademic has clients in government and private healthcare industry. We provide government entities real time data and analytics products where they can monitor their population in real time and send targeted messages to certain patients. This service enables the governments to react faster to public health emergencies and improve their public health strategy. Likewise, for private healthcare industry we provide data analytics products that enable companies to see what prescription medications are being prescribed or what pathologies are happening in certain regions. This helps them with their sales strategies. This is how we sustain our amazing free basic healthcare service”

This information, which is a vital tool that is required for continuous research and development and infection control, is highly sought after by governments and the private sector.  Some of Docademic’s clients currently include: Grunenthal Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories, the state of Hidalgo, Mexico and others. Docademic has users in 20 primarily Spanish speaking countries, with plans to expand into North America and Europe in the immediate future.  

Docademic CEO, Charles Nader, studied at Stanford a methodology called “Technology enabled Blitzscaling”. This was an accepted only exclusive course and was given by none other than LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman, Former Mozilla CEO John Lilly, and Author and Venture Capitalist Chris Yeh: all which are considered Silicon Valley Luminaries. These men created a course to specifically teach young entrepreneurs how to create, launch, and scale technology companies worldwide. They created the term “Blitzscaling” to represent their philosophy.  Mr. Nader not only has these luminaries as his advisors, he also learned the ins and outs of scaling an innovative technology that he is already putting into practice as he continues to grow the company.

Mr. Nader also decided to break from the traditional VC route to raise funds for Docademic and to take advantage of their growing service by placing their data on a blockchain. “THE” Healthcare blockchain.”

Docademic currently has thousands of users; with new users from multiple countries, signing up daily to use the service. He stated, “We believe the future of all data will be on blockchains. We think it’s best for humanity to benefit from having data on blockchains since it makes data access more transparent and secure. In the future, AI will consult these blockchains and people won’t have to worry about getting their data hacked. Smart contracts will take care of the input and output of data to the blockchain. “

Docademic plans to continue expanding its services to more countries globally in the near future. The data generated will be available on the blockchain for anyone to access under a specified set of rules. This includes the patients themselves.  By Docademic creating this blockchain they are also the first to benefit from it by developing products and services that access that data and using its native cryptocurrency needed to interact with the data, they call it MTC or Medical Token Currency. The more health related data imputed by the patients, the more MTC they will generate.  This will cause a positive impact in two ways. The patients will be able to save all their medical records in one specific area to be accessed, whenever needed, through the blockchain anywhere in the world. The data will also help to increase the anonymous data pool that will be able to be accessed for ongoing research.

Docademic launched its ICO to expand their services to the US and Europe, the most valuable healthcare data markets. They know that if they can expand to those areas, their expansion to other regions of the planet will come soon after.  Their ICO hard cap is based on the money they actually need to expand; which is less than 12 million USD. This is less than half of what many other ICOs hard caps are striving to raise that are based only on a white paper and don’t even have products or services let alone paying clients.

Docademic is a company with a working service and thousands of users already present across two continents and has a firm belief that everyone should benefit from this service, so its token supply was set at 1 billion. This means that people who buy the ICO now get a significant number of tokens for every dollar they spend from a company that already has clients in both private industry and government.

For these reasons, based on analysis of comparable ICOs and tokens currently on exchanges, its believed that the Docademic ICO will most likely be one of the highest value ROI ICOs and blockchain projects ever. Not only that, it may even be one of the most significant technological innovations of our times. Good choice Mr. McAfee, it’s nice to see you are putting your power for the benefit of humanity.

If you are interested in being part of this ICO, you have until Sunday, April 15th to purchase your MTC’s here: https://ico.docademic.com/

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