Why is Tezos Going Parabolic While Crypto Markets Bleed?

Tezos (XTZ) seems to be immune to the recent crypto market slide, continuing its rally from the past weeks. XTZ was up to as high as $1.33, gaining momentum and potentially signaling a successful quarter.

XTZ Carries Warning for Pump Behavior

Tezos price moves have confused traders, as there is no significant underlying reason for the appreciation. The best explanation is hype based on the recent addition to Coinbase, making the asset more accessible.

The XTZ price move follows bullish chart indicators, which help move a relatively small market. Tezos trading volume clocked around $113 million in 24 hours and is the second-biggest in the coin’s history. In the past month, XTZ moved up from stagnant positions around $0.76, once again attempting to move into a price of a few dollars.

Tezos Project Delay Led to Lower XTZ Price

One of the setbacks for XTZ was that it was a latecomer, with the main net launch during the bear market. This pushed down market prices, as XTZ struggled for listings, and the asset went through a new phase of price discovery. The preliminary token, only thinly traded, easily moved to $4-5, but the asset was not as lucky.

Now, Tezos seems to be catching up. The coin has a unique trading profile, as it trades on a handful of exchanges. Most of the volumes are concentrated on Binance, with Kraken and Coinbase also adding fuel. This would allow XTZ to rise based on a concerted pump activity on those markets.

XTZ price is also highly independent from the moves of Bitcoin (BTC), as 27% of volumes are directly against the US dollar, while 30% are against Tether (USDT). This allows the coin to behave counter to the markets, and discover unique sources of liquidity.

Whale activity also suggests that Binance

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