Why Hardnosed Bitcoiners Should Learn to Love DeFi

I want to talk about stacking sats.

It’s a simple idea: accumulate wealth over time by growing your stack of bitcoin (BTC) and HODLing. People can stack by purchasing bitcoin regularly or earning it through work or rewards. The key is that it’s steady and deliberate, with an eye to the long term. If the vision of a decentralized economy is going to win out, it’s essential that bitcoin continues to be established as a primary means of saving and building wealth.

The concept of stacking eschews the wanton speculation of the initial coin offering boom, epitomized by “wen moon” and similar memes. It’s much more in line with the bedrock principles that underpin the “real economy.” The ability to save money is an essential component of any financial system. Establishing more avenues for people to get predictable but decent returns on their bitcoin is how we truly start to shift the way the world deals with money.

And that’s why bitcoiners who stack sats should take a hard look at the decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms seeing explosive growth on Ethereum. While the optics may call to mind the wild speculation of 2017, the truth is that much of the growth in DeFi is driven by the same sound money principles as stacking.

Supporting good projects wherever they are

Bitcoin’s usefulness and grounding as hard money set it apart from most of the crypto froth from the past several years. The ocean of Ethereum white papers produced has yielded comparatively few working projects, and even fewer that anyone outside the crypto world would call usable.

Regardless of Bitcoin’s advantages, I am on record saying that I am a monetary maximalist, not a Bitcoin maximalist. I believe finance is a human right, just like speech and assembly, and that we need a fair and transparent financial system that empowers individuals, not powerful middlemen. So while I believe in the soundness of Bitcoin and its ability to help reshape finance, I will support any project that…

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