Why do you need to invest in Bitcoin currency? –

The answer to this question is always something that worries those who are not yet sure to venture and invest in Bitcoin. Enter here and answer it.

Currently you can be part of two sides: one in which you would be extremely happy if you never hear from Bitcoin again; or in another where your eyes simply shine with the mention of this famous cryptocurrency. However, there is a third group: that of the curious and undecided, who wants to see whether to invest in Bitcoin, or not.

If you are one of those in this last group: Congratulations. This post is for you. The intention is that you can get an idea of why maybe you should take a chance and give Bitcoin (BTC) a chance.

Cryptocurrencies have had a revolutionary impact on the world economy. The fact that these are not controlled by a government or bank, that are not affected by the inflation of a given country, that allow working under a certain anonymity on a platform that is, at the same time, safe and growing makes them A very useful tool today, so more and more people decide that it is the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

We introduce you to BTC

First, BTC is one of the many cryptocurrency options available in the market. You can even say that it is the best known, since it has the largest market capitalization.

Bitcoin was created to democratize finances, and indirectly undermine the financial system dominated by banks.

Bitcoin helps you diversify your investment portfolio

Diversification is a reward strategy, and Bitcoin can help you with it. This does not signify that stocks and bonds will fade away.

What we want to underline is that a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can help investors create even more diversified portfolios (with higher returns per unit of risk).

Bitcoin has historically acted as an uncorrelated asset, which means that it does not necessarily move…

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