Why Crypto Investors May Not See an “Alt Season” For many months ahead


As the bitcoin price fails to see upside momentum, the crypto market is at risk of a deeper pullback in the short-term. While the bitcoin price sustained the $6,000 level for an extended period of time, altcoins have continued to see more downside.

Well-known trader DonAlt said:

“BTC looks like it could go up, down or sideways. Alts look like they could go down, down or down.”

The bitcoin price has been on a decline as of late primarily due to the drop in appetite for high-risk assets. Altcoins present additional risk, which investors are seemingly unwilling to take.

Altcoins seem battered, as crypto market loses tens of billions of dollars

Since March 7, within about three weeks, the valuation of the crypto market has dropped from $264 billion to $175 billion, by around $89 billion.

Consequently, altcoins underperformed against both the USD and bitcoin, as investors flocked to stablecoins like Tether.

After the overnight 5 percent drop in the bitcoin price, technical analysts foresee a steep drop ahead for bitcoin in the near-term. Strong support levels for bitcoin are found at $5,800 and $5,250, according to crypto trader Michael van de Poppe.

Poppe said:

“Brokedown after a distribution pattern and clear rejection of the $6,900 area. On the first support around $6,000-6,100 here. Might be testing $6,400 before continuing to drop, primary level for support is $5,800 and more heavily the $5,250 area.”

The altcoin index perpetual futures on FTX indicates a massive 56 percent drop in the altcoin market within merely 43 days, dropping to levels unseen since 2017.

Source: TradingView.com

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