Why Blockchain Technology is the need of the hour for Land Management

By Dr Gopala Krishna Behara, Distinguished Staff &Lead Enterprise Architect, Wipro Technologies

Blockchain is a digital, distributed and decentralized network to store information in a tamper proof form with an automated way to enforce trust among different participants. An open distributed ledger can record all transactions between different parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. It captures, manipulates and builds consensus among participants in the network.

Each Block is uniquely connected to the previous blocks via a digital signature which means that making a change to a record without disturbing the previous records in the chain is not possible, thus rendering the information tamper-proof.

The various areas where Blockchain technology can be used in Government are:Land Registration, Digital Identity, Property Records, Schemes Management, Agriculture Management and Electronic Health Records etc.
Trends of Blockchain Usage in Governments

According to Transparency and Market Research, the Blockchain Market Revenue will reach 20 Billion USD by 2024. The use and adoption of Blockchain technology is expanding at a rapid pace, all over the world, and it seems that Government is the most widely used domain as of now.

Recently, Dubai announced that they would put 100% of their records pertaining to land registry on Blockchain. Dubai Land Department (DLD), in fact, has claimed to be the first such Govt. department anywhere in the world, to adopt Blockchain for such high-level task.

Republic of Georgia declared that they would use Blockchain technology to validate property-related government transactions.

Countries like Sweden, Honduras and others are also developing such similar Blockchain based systems, for enabling secured e-Governance.

In India, Andhra Pradesh State has become the first state in the India to pilot Blockchain Technology in two departments and plans to deploy it across the administration.

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