Why Bitcoin IRA Has Processed Over $400 million in Transactions?

Bitcoin IRA reports accelerating demand for its crypto-based retirement platform, as it has now surpassed USD $400 million in transactions. This growth reflects the long-term approach investors are increasingly taking toward blockchain assets. 

Bitcoin Investors Focused On Holding

The report shows that transaction volume has just reached an all-time high within BitcoinIRA’s internal exchange. Also, transaction amounts are now at their highest point since last July, when the crypto market was experiencing a surge in both activity and value.  

Increasing interest from the public no doubt plays a significant role in this growth, yet the company has also diversified its offerings to become more attractive to the public. It has lowered the minimum investment requirement, and since late 2018 has allowed clients to self-direct their portfolios by making crypto swaps within the platform. 

There is little doubt that BitcoinIRA expects the rest of 2020 to be a good year. It presently boasts over 50,000, along with a rate-of-return that is considerably higher than what has been seen recently in traditional financial markets

Demand For Professional Crypto Management is Increasing

BitcoinIRA is far from the only company offering long-term investment solutions for blockchain assets. Many retirement oriented services have now emerged as well as those offering custodial solutions. Within this sector, Bitcoin futures are also seeing record interest.

There should be no surprise that as the crypto space matures, such companies will emerge. However, their long-term place within the blockchain sector is far from assured. Legacy financial service providers are soon to move into this space as well, and their name recognition and client reach far surpass those of these startups. Simply put, BitcoinIRA will soon find itself facing very large and influential competitors.

It is also worth noting that the decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes traditional financial…

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