Why Big Tech’s Censorship Isn’t Directed Solely at Trump Supporters – Op-Ed Bitcoin News

There’s been a lot of unrest in the U.S. and just before the presidential election’s electoral vote, Big Tech took action and censored a great number of individuals and even competing social media platforms. Moreover, even after President Biden’s first few days in office, social media apps continued to purge dissent. On January 22, Facebook deleted my social media profile, and a former co-worker’s account as well, for our libertarian views.

An Anti-War, Free-Market Libertarian Speaking Out Against Tyranny and Censorship

For many years now I’ve been an activist and years ago, Dr. Ron Paul helped me find libertarianism. At that time, I was a minarchist who believed in a minimalist form of government and the constitution. However, after traveling further down the rabbit hole, by reading the likes of Larkin Rose, Lysander Spooner, and others, I changed. Six months later, I considered myself an anarcho-capitalist. In 2008, I created my Facebook account and since then, even well before I began writing about bitcoin, I amassed a large following.

Years later, in late 2011 into 2012, I discovered bitcoin and three years later, I decided to write about the technology every single day for a profession. For over a decade, I had used Facebook to share my libertarian views, connect with others, and share my bitcoin articles as well. It was in 2020 when things really started to change on the platform. Censorship was taking place regularly, and the company had applied ‘fact-checkers’ that are used to flag alleged ‘fake media.’ I personally never advocated violence, hate, or anything that truly went against community standards.

Purging Today’s Freedom Activists: Why Big Tech’s Censorship Isn't Directed Solely at Trump Supporters
Well before the incident in Washington DC during the first week of January, throughout 2020, Big Tech has censored lots of dissenting opinions and certain views about Covid-19. After the Capitol breach, however, Big Tech has spread the purge further focusing on those who speak out against the current…

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