Who Is Justin Sun? The Entrepreneur Behind TRON

Justin Sun is known for his scandalous behavior on Twitter and within the crypto space. But did you know that the young entrepreneur has had the same combative spirit since middle school?

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Sun’s early years in school paint a picture of a loud rebel, constantly going against the grain.
  • Before founding Tron, he was an early employee at Ripple Labs and helped the company’s influence in China.
  • Many of his controversies are linked to outlandish claims on Twitter as well as high-profile meetings with legends of finance.

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Justin Sun, the 29-year-old entrepreneur behind Tron, has been a controversial figure in the crypto industry, often evoking mixed reactions to his publicity stunts and outspokenness on social media.

Nonetheless, Sun is an important driving force in the sector as both his past and future endeavors put him among the most prolific entrepreneurs in tech today.

We take a look at the life of the self-proclaimed “protégé of Jack Ma” and the face of the TRON empire. 

Sun’s Early Life and Non-Tech Beginnings 

Born in 1990 as Sun Yuchen, Justin Sun has always shown a strong proclivity for fame and attention. A good student, Sun was enamored with liberal ideas and never shied away from standing up to authority.

In an early GQ profile of Sun published in China, he recalled his school days, saying he was often the “campus opinion leader” who often went against the mainstream. A vocal critic of school policies, Sun was also a prolific writer churring out articles filled with heavy criticism of the Chinese government. 

The first time Sun got a taste for fame came after the middle school he attended in the city of Huizhou announced plans to tailor academic guidance to students according to various categories.

That meant that students from low-income families and those believed to have “extreme views” would receive alternative guidance from teachers than those headed to college. 

Sun heavily…

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