Who Invited Antonio Brown to Give a Pep Talk to High Schoolers?

  • With his NFL career in limbo, there are many things we have come to expect from Antonio Brown. Motivational speaking is not one of them.
  • But following his team’s loss in the Florida High School playoffs Friday night, Atlantic head coach Tavarius “T.J.” Jackson let Brown speak to his kids.
  • Surprisingly, it wasn’t the dumpster fire we’ve come to expect from Antonio Brown.

Tavarius “T.J.” Jackson, head coach of the Atlantic Eagles in Delray Beach, Florida, appears to be a skilled high school football coach. After all, bad coaches usually don’t make the playoffs. However, even the best coaches can make bad decisions.

Jackson certainly used some questionable judgment following his team’s game on Friday night. After their 26-0 loss to Florida high school powerhouse, St. Thomas Aquinas, he invited a guest speaker to say a few words to his team—Antonio Brown.

Yes, that Antonio Brown.

antonio brown speaks to high school football team
Source: Twitter

Antonio Brown, Motivational Speaker?

Using motivational speakers before and after games – whether the team wins or loses is – a common practice by coaches at all levels. This is especially true for high school football. What better way is there for a coach to show he knows what he is talking about than to have one of his former players come to talk to his team?

It doesn’t even have to be a former player. Kids look up to professional athletes and often do their best to emulate them. So, in that respect, any NFL star could work.

But Antonio Brown? Really?

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Okay—had he done it last year, it would have been a genius move. Back then, Antonio Brown was the kind of guy you wanted speaking to high school kids. He worked hard, he played hard, and he was extremely successful.

A little eccentric maybe, but that’s okay.

But now? He has been accused of sexual assault – not…

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