WHO Failed the World With the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Donald Trump criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) for a variety of failures on coronavirus.
  • Trump may have been deflecting, but the WHO repeatedly failed in its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Coupled with ‘egregious failures’ on the 2014 Ebola outbreak, the WHO’s role in international public health needs to be reassessed post-coronavirus.

Donald Trump has slammed the World Health Organization’s failures on the coronavirus. In a tweet, the U.S. president scolded the Organization for being overly “China-centric” in its response to the Covid-19 outbreak. He even threatened to reduce its funding.

At a time when the world is confronting a major global pandemic, undermining the WHO may not be the safest move. Likewise, Donald Trump has his own coronavirus failures to consider.

Still, it’s undeniable that the World Health Organization has failed on the coronavirus. It played down the seriousness of the outbreak. It falsely claimed that the coronavirus isn’t capable of human-to-human transmission. And it was extraordinarily slow to declare a pandemic.

So once this pandemic has ended, the World Health Organization’s role in the world needs to be reassessed. It can’t continue putting our lives at risk and ignoring entire nations, just to pander to China.

Trump Slams The World Health Organization For ‘Faulty’ Coronavirus Recommendations

Yesterday, Trump did what he does best. He posted a tweet criticizing someone else, so as to distract criticism away from himself.

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Yes, scores of people piled into Trump in response. Some pointed out that Trump had been fully briefed on coronavirus as early as January, but did nothing until March.

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Repeated Failures

Nonetheless, as culpable as Donald Trump is himself in the weak effort to contain the pandemic, he’s largely right about the World Health Organization. It has failed in its response to the coronavirus. And it has also shown an unfortunate bias towards China.

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