Whiny Pokemon Fans Aren’t First Gamers Begging Trump to Punish Devs

  • Gamers have had a negative reputation online for a while.
  • People have been asking Donald Trump to bring down games they don’t like.
  • The trend has culminated in a petition to block the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Gamers have always had a negative reputation. Back in the day, the stereotypes centered on smelling funny and having no life, but these days it’s a reputation for smelling funny and being irredeemably insane.

Oh, how times have changed us.

Obviously, not all gamers smell; nor are all gamers insane, though interacting with them on Twitter might give you other ideas. One of the more recent insane trends in gaming appears to be asking U.S. President Donald Trump to intervene in video games they don’t like.

Donald Trump, Arbiter of Gaming?

Back in 2018, Blizzard annoyed a lot of people, totally unlike this year. When they announced Diablo Immortal, they basically became one massive meme. It seems that one hardcore gamer took to Twitter to ask Trump to step in.

Source: Twitter.

There was a certain amount of disbelief surrounding this tweet. A lot of the people in the replies seemed to hope and pray that this was some sort of joke, but for the most part, it seems completely real. What I can’t quite understand is what this guy hoped Donald Trump was going to do?

I’m like 99% sure that stepping in and stopping a company from doing business goes right against conservative sensibilities. Say he had just stepped in and stopped Diablo Immortal. At that point, all it would take was a tweet to the president to get any product you didn’t like taken off the shelves.

Of Course, Pokemon Sword and Shield Got Involved

The detractors of Pokemon Sword and Shield have been up to some pretty insane stuff lately. They recently got super upset over a change to the game we’ve known about since June and attacked the webmaster of Serebii. The latest stunt from the #dexit crowd is probably the most mental one yet.

Someone appears to have set up a White House…

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