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While a number of digital currencies have seen price gains the two leading crypto assets, bitcoin and ethereum have seen transaction fees skyrocket. For instance, data shows that the median fee for a bitcoin transaction is $8.58, while the median fee is $9.35 when spending ether. Meanwhile, the average transaction fee for both networks has been much higher between $14 to over $20 per transfer.

During the course of 2021, crypto assets have increased a great deal in value but alongside this, the fees to transact on these networks have risen as well. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the two largest blockchains, in terms of market capitalization. The two networks also take the cake when it comes to expensive transactions and this has been a complaint on social media and crypto-focused forums.

At the time of writing, according to bitinfocharts.com data, the average transaction fee for bitcoin (BTC) is 0.00038 BTC or $14.25 USD per transfer. Of course, the median sized transaction is lower on the BTC network, but still $8.58 per transaction according to today’s messari.io data. Stats show that the average transaction fee on the ETH network today is 0.013 ETH or $20.68 USD at the time of writing. Messari stats show the median fees for ETH is also higher than BTC, but lower than the average ETH transaction, at $9.35 per transfer.

BTC fees vs. ETH fees on February 4, 2021, @ 4:00 p.m. (EST) via messari.io.

Of course, people have been complaining about the fees and the backlog of transactions. “Always remember people,” one person tweeted. “The sky high transaction fees of ethereum [and] bitcoin are there so someone wants to make profit, not because they’re necessary.” Financial reporter, Kyle Torpey tweeted about the fact that it cost more to send wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) using Ethereum, than it does to transfer bitcoin onchain.

Other digital currency fans, specifically ETH supporters believe the high fees problem will be fixed….

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