Which One Stands as an Investment Option?

The cryptocurrency sector comes with a lot of different currencies. Apparently, we have a new altcoin coming into the scene almost every day that can change the cryptocurrency field. Knowing where to invest your money can save a lot of hassles and time. There is no right decision or wrong decision in the crypto market, as everything depends on objectives and application areas. Having the right knowledge can help the user to make well-informed decisions and can minimize their investment risks.

Bitcoin – How it came to be a Dominant Force among other Coins?

  • First, Bitcoin was considered to be the original cryptocurrency. In 2009, it was created and released; it revealed largely about the blockchain technology and the principle of proof-of-work. Since its inception, Bitcoin had fully developed to become one of the most leading cryptocurrency.
  • Further, there are more than 17 million coins valued at 113 billion dollars in circulation. Also, this figure outnumbers any other altcoin. The second-biggest cryptocurrency following Bitcoin is Ethereum according to its market capitalization.
  • Bitcoins are mined, and the mining process is an important part of its presence. Further, Miners mine new Bitcoins and circulate in the market for rewards. Also, they are solely responsible for validating transactions of Bitcoin on the ledger.

Advantages of Bitcoin

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is its acceptance and extensive adoption. Further, it had been widely accepted as a form of payment. Several financial institutions are supporting Bitcoin and people have heard of Bitcoin because of its popularity. Bitcoin has a wide network of users who are committed to long-term development. Lastly, it has a large pool of miners who continue to support the network and makes sure it is secure.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

  • Even though Bitcoin has certainly had a lot of advantages, it has a few disadvantages. Recently, Bitcoin had taken an enormous hit in December 2017, when it rose to sky-high of…

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