Which is better than the other?

Blockchains impact is mighteous and is impacting business, finance, education, governance, healthcare even in sports, music and beyond as the authors Don and Alex Tapscott predict in their bestseller Blockchain Revolution. Enter Hashgraph in 2016 and change the game completely. Both Blockchains and Hashgraphs are types of Distributed Ledger Technology where the latter is believed to challenge the global dominance of Blockchains. In fact, Hashgraph is touted to be the biggest thing since the internet and the most revolutionizing decentralized technology. But that’s all in due time. To understand which emerges as the victor in Hashgraph vs Blockchain, let us have a debriefing for both and then the comparison.

But Wait-

What is Distributed Ledger Technology?

Ever since Blockchains gained popularity one question has rattled people a lot- What’s the difference between Blockchain and distributed ledger technology? Now Hashgraphs too. 

A distributed ledger is a decentralized ledger for transactions that are distributed among a plethora of nodes and devices. If there is any data change occurring, the ledger is updated instantly. A major advantage of distributed ledger is that since it’s decentralized, it is less likely to be prone to cyber-attacks as all the copies are scattered, and for a cyber invasion to be successful, all of them need to be infiltrated one after the other like an ambush. Moreover, they are impervious to such attacks carried by a single entity/individual. 

blockchain technology

A Blockchain or Hashgraph is a type of distributed ledger, although the reverse isn’t true. There are, however, noticeable differences among the methodologies which they follow. There are structural differences among them. For eg- in Blockchain, the blocks of data are always presented in a sequential format or Hashgraph follows the Gossip and Virtual voting methods. This is not the case with DLT. The latter doesn’t specifically conform to any pattern in particular. 

Thus, it’s…

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