Which are the top altcoins VS Bitcoin in Q1 2020?

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In my first and second pieces, I’ve discussed Ethereum 2.0 and the best tools for developers. In my third and fourth articles, I’ve discussed quadratic voting and open governance models. Then, in my fifth piece, I’ve looked into Swarm’s infrastructure.

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Last month I’ve explained the importance of blockchain explorers, why tBTC matters for Ethereum developers and the difference between cryptocurrencies, crypto-tokens and stablecoins.

This previous week I’ve discussed the value of cryptocurrency networks, hot and cold storage systems, why privacy matters to the crypto-space, the value of high time preferences and how can traders maximize ROI and profits.

This week I’ve looked into how Bitcoin’s technology has been evolving throughout the year.

Today I’m looking into the top three altcoins versus Bitcoin in 2020: Kyber Network, Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and Ethereum Classic!

Let’s dig deep!

Bitcoin vs altcoins


Over the past 90 days, there has been three altcoins which have fared quite strongly against Bitcoin: Kyber Network, Bitcoin SV and Ethereum Classic.

My goal is to look into which altcoins might help you increase your Bitcoin portfolio in the short term. I’ll be using Messari.io’s awesome dashboard during my analysis.

During January 2020, some altcoins doubled in price versus Bitcoin, meaning you could…

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