Where’s Cris Carter? Everything We Know About Mysterious Fox Exit

  • Cris Carter vanished from the “First Things First” desk nearly one month ago.
  • Here’s everything we know about why Fox fired him.
  • As well as the scoop on who might replace him on the FS1 morning show.

More than three weeks since he last sat opposite Nick Wright on “First Things First,” Fox Sports viewers have a nagging question: “Where’s Cris Carter?”

Carter last appeared on FS1’s three-hour morning show on Oct. 30, and it wasn’t long before his name and likeness had been scrubbed from the Fox Sports website and marketing materials. Pull up the First Things First page today, and you’d never know he’d even been on the show at all.

Why Cris Carter Suddenly Disappeared from ‘First Things First’

cris carter fired
Chris Carter was fired from “First Things First,” but the details remain opaque. | Source: Fox Sports

Unsurprisingly, Carter did not leave FS1 on friendly terms. We know that he was fired – and escorted out of the building by security guards – though the precise nature of his abrupt exit remains shrouded in mystery.

Tempers Boil Over During Thursday Night Football Meeting

One early theory for Carter’s firing was that he was offended that Fox declined to include him in its Thursday Night Football pregame coverage.

Both “First Things First” and the pregame show are filmed in Fox’s Manhattan studios, making Carter – who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013 – a natural (and inexpensive) choice to help out on Thursday nights. Instead, Fox frequently flew in other analysts, including Tony Gonzalez, who lives in Los Angeles.

According to Front Offices Sports, Carter had complained about the perceived slight, and tempers boiled over during a meeting with Fox executives shortly before his ouster.

NYP: Carter Left Fox for ‘More Serious’ Reasons

But New York Post sources later revealed that Carter’s exit stemmed from something “more serious” than a tiff over Thursday Night Football. What that “more…

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