When To Sell Your Coins

Bitcoin price has been an uptrend for a year now, and given the strength of the move and the fact the asset is now at more than $50,000 per coin, begins to bring up the question: when to start selling your coins?

According to past crypto bull market data, the final push to the peak and remaining third of the bullish impulse, lasts for a period of only forty days before it is all over. But is it possible to know when this is happening or when it is about to end?

Velocity And Volatility At The Top Gets Fast And Furious

The cryptocurrency asset class is highly speculative in nature, but is beginning to become more fundamentally sound as adoption takes place and proof of concepts become working products.

However, thanks to Bitcoin’s block reward halving recurring every four years, thus far, crypto market cycles can be timed with some accuracy.

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Following each halving, it is time to stop trading Bitcoin, and instead hold for the next phase of markup. Timing the top, however, isn’t so simple.

Each move when measured and divided into thirds, sees the fastest and most violent move in the final third. According to data, these periods and the final one-third stretch of the bull run, happen within a timeframe of only forty days and forty nights.

bitcoin btcusd

Both cycles the top cryptocurrency only spent forty days in the top third. | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Timing Bitcoin Peaks And Crypto Market Cycles: When To Sell Your Coins

Within those forty days, Bitcoin price completes its final parabolic push, and sees the first break of that advance that it cannot recover from.

Missing this final one third stretch, results in significant losses – as much as 50% off the asset’s peak almost immediately.

Data also says that assets that have gone parabolic, once broken, retrace 80% or more. Iconic commodities trader Peter Brandt accurately called for the cryptocurrency’s bottom range nearly a full…

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