What to Watch at Consensus: Distributed Day 4 – IBM and the World Economic Forum

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On Wednesday we learned less than a 1% of the total suspicious activity reports filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network since 2013 were crypto-related.

Speaking at a workshop on FATF’s Travel Rule, FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco said the financial watchdog uses these reports to map out IP and wallet addresses that are linked to potential criminals. Other speakers pointed out such regulations may violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects against surveillance without cause.

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The debate between privacy and transparency is likely to continue today, with two workshops dedicated to reading blockchain data. Stream the full day of events here.

Here is what CoinDesk’s Head of Research Noelle Acheson looks forward to today:

We’ve all heard the gentle warnings to pace ourselves at the beginning of a marathon. Yet, so many of us treat marathons like sprints anyway. Consensus: Distributed is no different, and there was so much going on over the first couple of days that “pacing ourselves” just wasn’t an appealing option.

Today, we have deep dives into token standardization, hosted by our content partners the IEEE, and into blockchain use cases, hosted by the World Economic Forum. Christine Kim and Galen Moore from CoinDesk Research host sessions on crypto metrics and market data. You think crypto charts are confusing? These talks will make them less so.

We also have insight from enterprise executives, consortium leaders and industry economists about the sector’s challenges and opportunities, and how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted efforts. And we’ll hear from our partners Huobi and Abu Dhabi Global Market on crypto market evolution and building digital financial services.

Keep your energy up – it’ll be worth it!

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