What numerology reveals about love and work

Do you want to discover the energy that will govern your life during the month of April, knowing what will happen in the future and avoiding possible frustrations and disappointments? Numerology can help you. For this, it is necessary to add the day and month of his birth with the number 4, which represents the sum of the numbers that form the year 2020. Then, just add the 4 again as the vibration associated with the month of April .

Check out the example: If you were born on October 23 (month 10) you must make the following account: 2 + 3 + 1 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 14.

After that, it is only necessary to reduce the number from 1 to 9, just adding the numbers 14, making it like this: 1 + 4 = 5. Make your sum with your own personal data and, for sure, you will be surprised by the monthly forecasts that numerology reveals to you! Check it out below:

Monthly number forecasts: April 2020


Love – If you are single at this time, you will certainly attract someone special during the month of April. Have you found your loved one? The advice, then, is to rekindle the flame of passion that may be going out, with gestures of affection and gifts out of time.

Job – If you are looking for a job, this month you can paint an invitation. It is an excellent phase to take the paper plans and try to venture into a business of their own. However, it is necessary to act with prudence.

Advice of the month – Fulfilling the duties that are being neglected will bring satisfaction to your life.


Love – During that time, you will feel more sensitive than you normally are, so you may find yourself facing silly arguments.

In relation to flirting, the sudden changes in mood may end up driving your suitor away.

Job – Those difficulties within your work, which seem to have no solutions, with the help of the whole team, can be solved without many problems. Take the initiative to make this happen.

Advice of the month – Peace must be sought, managing to recover the harmony present within it.


Love – If you want to give a new look to your conjunction, try to take courses with your partner, which could be a new language, dance or even a religion. If you are alone at the moment, your close friends should introduce you to someone interesting and that will fill your eyes.

Job – opportunities may arise within your work, so don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the chances that life gives you. Control anxiety if you need to get back on the market.

Advice of the month – Listen to your dreams by talking to yourself.


Love – The time is right for making dreams come true with your partner, be it the arrival of a new baby, the purchase of a car or residence.

If you are single, the focus is on finding a person who has maturity and responsibility.

Job – Stopping spending on unnecessary things and focusing on what matters will allow the realization of your dreams. The time is ripe for earning extra money for something accomplished by you. So enjoy!

Advice of the month – Focusing on the ideal and streamlining spending will allow your horizons to expand.


Love – Lost novels are not worth insuring, be prepared and open to the latest. If you’re single, delete that sinking love from your life, thinking about tomorrow.

Job – Experienced co-workers will help you with your purposes.

Focus on what you know how to do, achieving success.

Advice of the month – When you are free, concentrate on recharging your energies, resting in the best way.


Love – That romance that doesn’t seem to succeed is likely to become a love during this period. If you already have a partner in your life, the bonds can be strengthened with an engagement or marriage. Get to work!

Job – Are you dreaming of stepping up in relation to work? So, work with determination and strength to be able to reap the rewards in the near future. The new job will be in protection.

Advice of the month – It is an excellent time to acquire new friendships and form societies.


Love – The goal in love will be to stabilize with someone. If you are already in union, you should intensify intimacy with your partner, paying more attention and spending more time with your loved one.

Job – Notes will allow you to get more hits on your desktop. It is the right time to approach colleagues and make alliances.

Advice of the month – Taking care of your spiritual side will be rewarding!


Love – Do homemade activities and look for things of common interest with your partner. Are you free for new loves? Your study environment will mess with your desires.

Job – Taking new courses (always online, during that time) will give you opportunities for the curriculum.

Those more financially stabilized friends will be able to help you with directions to Jobs of job.

Advice of the month – It’s time to show all your talent, shining like never before!


Love – Activities with your loved one will be blessed. Have you ever thought about doing something new as a couple, like, for example, a sport to give adrenaline? Obviously, everything must be done without leaving your residence. In single life, different people will attract your eye.

Job – Pay close attention when signing contracts, reading the terms carefully and calmly. It is a favorable stage for the realization of new projects, strategies and goals.

Advice of the month – You will feel good about social projects.

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