What LUNO Might Unfold For Africa In 2020?

Luno is reportedly the first cryptocurrency exchange, which has received approval from the Securities Commission (SC) of Malaysia. Luno is working on exploring cryptocurrency opportunities in Africa, and it is to influence everyone’s lives.

When talking at AfricaCom 2019, Luno’s CEO Marcus Swanepoel stated, “Africans using traditional currencies face high transaction costs, inflation and currency devaluation, exorbitant interest rates and high levels of fraud. Coupled with all this – accessing the existing system (despite many have a mobile phone and conduct other elements of their lives online) is still incredibly restrictive.”


Luno makes it a lot easy to buy, store, and learn about cryptocurrencies.  There are over 3 million Luno customers.  More than $8 billion transactions are processed so far in different countries across the world.  Bitcoin and Ethereum can be purchased using Luno in three easy steps.

The investors should sign up for the LUNO wallet either on the Web, iOS, or Android.  Then the profile should be set up.  The preferred method of payment is a credit or bank transfer to the Luno Wallet. Further, using the deposited money, the investor can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum.  The cryptocurrency thus purchased is stored securely in a Wallet, and is used to send the crypto to friends.


Moving Bitcoin is more comfortable with Luno.  It provides for a new kind of financial freedom.  More numbers of investors are investing in Bitcoin as it works like digital gold.  Bitcoin is an alternative store of wealth considered good for portfolio diversification and long-term investment.

Some of the top investors and experts who have worked in famous companies like Google, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays from across the world contribute to Luno.  The products are easy to use.  Therefore, it provides for a Bitcoin experience, which is best in itself.

New investors have to juggle “to and fro” the Luno…

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