What is WAVES? Complete guide to the smart contract platform.

What is Waves

Waves is a decentralized platform that can facilitate the trading of different cryptocurrencies. It not only gives investors the liberty to trade different cryptocurrencies, but it also allows the stakeholders to custom create their cryptocurrency and use of Smart Contracts.

Investors can complete transactions on the WAVES platform
using their choice of cryptocurrency, but when paying up transaction fees for
the same operations, they are limited to using the WAVES crypto coins.

Key features of Waves

I.    WavesDex- this is a decentralized platform based on the waves blockchain that gives investors the liberty to trade other cryptocurrencies for Waves or a resource token that’s issued on the platform.

Investors can access WavesDex by installing a chrome extension or the lite wallet on their browsers.

II.    Smart Contracts– the smart contracts on the WAVES platform lack intricacy like those on the Ethereum platform, but they are more secure, capable and Non-Turing.

III.    Tokenization– this feature makes WAVES to standout from other cryptocurrencies, it allows users to custom create their tokens and other forms of digital money. The user is required to have at least one token to be able to complete the creation process. Tokenization makes WAVES the perfect platform for ICO and Swarm subsidizing.

IV.    Fiat Gateways– investors can trade any
of their tokens and digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for genuine
Fiat currency such as the USD or Euro.

V.    Combined features of the decentralized and centralized worlds– any exchange between digital money and Fiat currency and vice versa, is recorded on a blockchain, which is a combination of the features from the decentralized frameworks and incorporated frameworks.

Advantages of WAVES

  1. It uses the proof-of-stake consensus model, the Scala language and the WAVES-NG algorithm that ensures high…

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