What is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

In the early days of the web, to access a website you needed to type in the IP address, a string of numbers that were difficult to remember and almost impossible to guess. Then came human-readable names, to make life easier for us humans to surf the world wide web. That shift turned into Decrypt.co! Cryptocurrency is still very much in the IP address phase: users need long, difficult to remember addresses in order to access the services they need. That’s where the Ethereum Name Service comes in. It wants to make using crypto as easy as surfing the web.

Below we explore how it works, where it comes from and how you can secure an emoji domain name.

What is the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

Simply, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a lookup system. It links information to a name. It is not a naming service just for Ethereum; it is a name service built on Ethereum. It offers a secure and decentralized way to address resources using human-readable names. It is a totally distributed domain name provider that allows anyone to buy and manage domains meaning you could send ETH or ERC20 tokens to “realsatoshi.eth” instead of to “8e866f012fb8fb…” 

Who invented ENS?

Nick Johnson and Alex Van de Sande of the Ethereum Foundation led the initial development of the ENS.

Did you know?

You can register unicode in your domain name, which means you can claim an emoji ENS address. So you could maybe use 🤘🤘🤘.eth for crypto donations to your satanic temple? Visit ethmojis.com to claim your emoji-based Ethereum domain today!

What’s so special about it?

ENS is built on Ethereum’s smart contracts, making it more secure, private, and resistant to censorship than the Internet’s Domain Name Service (DNS). The team behind ENS see internet naming infrastructure as a fundamental component that therefore should be open, decentralized, community-driven and not-for-profit. On a technical level, the ENS can make use of the existing Ethereum ecosystem, meaning…

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