What is 2020 Preparing for Cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have left us fascinated. Funnily enough, blockchain technology was once touted as a bubble bound to fail surviving the tryst of times. Not only has it survived, but finds its application in several fields of business, including the energy sector, the healthcare sector and tourism. Bitcoin is the most famous exponent of blockchain technology, and its price as of the 25th of November, stands at a staggering $7,117.

motto of investing in cryptocurrencies, is to buy
when the price of a coin is low, and sell when the coin has
experienced a significant high.
You must not dwell on
possibilities, and back speculation with logic and reasoning. Of the
many blockchain projects out there today, there are a few which catch
the eye more than others, and are exhibiting huge potential as we
near 2020.

to Choose a Cryptocurrency to Invest in, in 2020?

a project with tremendous potential is necessary, when it comes to
investing in a cryptocurrency. You must perform your due diligence,
forecast a possible chance of the project succeeding, and consider
the affordability of the coin in question. There are some popular
trading system such as Bitcoin
, bitcoin code or bitcoin trader, all of which can help
you with trading. However, no one of them are a sure thing, so it is
better not to rely on their results. The tokens I will mention below
are inexpensive as of now, and come 2020, have massive potential.
What is 2020 preparing for cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency
enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

TRON acquired
BitTorrent in July, 2018. BitTorrent is the largest peer-to-peer file
sharing protocol in the world, and has over 100+ million users. TRON
plans on combining its blockchain network, with BitTorrent’s P2P
network, to create a wholesome infrastructure for a decentralized
content distribution platform – akin to a new Internet altogether.
This project has been dubbed ‘Project
’, and given TRON’s…

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