What Do You Need To Know?

This week I visited with Michelle Robinson, a Utah entrepreneur who has increasingly become a voice of influence on blockchain and what it can accomplish for businesses and entrepreneurs. While she has no allegiance to particular implementations of blockchain or cryptocurrency, she is passionate about bringing great people and minds together to “push the limits” in what this new technology could bring to the businesses and occupations they hold.

Blockchain has now been a popular buzzword and theme for a couple of years. But actual implementations are few. Even fewer are the number of companies who have a firm strategy for where the blockchain can take them. As contributor Joe Kendrick has noted, organizationally, we’re still in the early days. “People are just starting to explore the potential impact of blockchain and other variations of distributed ledger technology,” he says. “A recent survey of 1,314 auto industry executives out of the IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics, for example, estimates that 62 percent of automotive executives believe blockchain will be a disruptive force in the auto industry over the next two years. However, the research also finds that only a small percentage of OEMs and suppliers are currently ready for blockchain or have a greater perception that blockchain solutions are ready for commercial use.”

So what should today’s entrepreneurs know about the blockchain? As Michelle leads meetup groups in Salt Lake City and studies and shares her learnings she agrees with Kendrick’s assessment and describes the blockchain in broad strokes as “a vehicle and an infrastructure for trust.”

Michelle Robinson is an ambassador for the growing community of blockchain-focused entrepreneurs.

Utah Bitcoin Community

It provides new forms of payment and currency that in theory, at least, could speed and smooth the hundreds of transactions at a lunch stop or a donut or coffee…

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