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The beginning of the new decade has brought upon the emergence of first cryptocurrencies, among which the undisputed king has always been Bitcoin. Although an unpopular and controversial concept, in the beginning, cryptocurrencies are almost universally acclaimed today, considering their vast possibilities and potential in different regards. A relatively new member of the cryptocurrency world has been launched in 2015 and its name is Ethereum. Ether burst onto the scene with the new technology; Smart contracts, which enabled users to make detailed arrangements during the transactions. This provided a completely decentralized approach to the operations, independent of any third-party interference. While Bitcoin is still the king of crypto, Ethereum is also gaining a serious pace, considering its significant potential.

Are Ethereum casino games provably fair?

Ethereum is a prominent part of any popular Crypto Casino operating on the world wide web. Ethereum gambling, like big brother Bitcoin, offers players all the advantages presented by the blockchain technology. One of the most significant benefits that ether offers its users is the total transparency in the form of Provably Fair Gambling.

Provably Fair technology is based on SHA-2 hash algorithms. To simplify the concept – any gambler that plays PF Games is absolutely guaranteed the fair outcome of the game. More so, players can easily check the results of the games by themselves. Thanks to the blockchain technology, anyone can check the hash algorithms of the bet and predetermined final outcome, to verify the legitimacy of the game. No other technology can offer similar possibilities in the industry of gambling. Through Provably Fair games, players will have absolutely no doubts about the integrity of the casino they are using.

Do Ethereum Casinos use Blockchain technology constantly?

Blockchain Technology is absolutely synonymous with the Ethereum Casino. Without…

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