What a 41 minute head start means to crypto traders

When exchange listing news hits the crypto market, there’s often a spike in trading volume and a rapid (if often short-lived) appreciation in the price of the crypto asset. The degree of movement depends on the exchange making the announcement, the liquidity of the token and many other factors — but as has been identified on multiple occasions, a Coinbase or Binance listing often moves markets.

Of course, the market participants who react fastest to this kind of news usually secure the best opportunity for delta.

So where does the savvy crypto investor spend their time in order to beat the market? Constantly refreshing the Coinbase blog? Bugging CZ’s non-existent office? Sifting through thousands of accounts on Twitter? (Good luck with that.)

As always, when there’s the potential for profit, human ingenuity finds a way — in this case, the NewsQuake™ service from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, which delivers news with market-moving potential to members in seconds… and often long before the masses get wind of major developments.

At the heart of the magic is a machine-learning algorithm that continuously monitors thousands of crypto blogs, Twitter accounts, and industry publications. It automatically selects exchange listings, partnerships, and staking announcements that have historically moved coin prices the most, and sends alerts directly to members.

It’s the exact same tech that powers Cointelegraph news (and our major competitors) — but delivered in seconds, without the intervening need for writing a story.

Three announcements this month have demonstrated that if traders aren’t fast, they’ll probably be furious.

Nervos Network’s cross-chain partnership with Cardano

Building an interoperability bridge with Cardano is obviously a big deal for the less famed Nervos Network and its utility token, CKB.

While most people learn of such collaborations from Twitter, blockchain projects often break the news in their blogs first. The NewsQuakes™ algorithm…

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