Whales Move 1.2 Mln ETH as Ethereum Price Expected to Hit $220

Yuri Molchan

While some traders are expecting ETH to hit $200 soon and move on, crypto whales have transferred $241,774,447 worth of ETH between anonymous wallets

The second biggest cryptocurrency Ethereum is trading at $194.69, printing a 3.03-percent rise over the past twenty-four hours. Some traders, however, are expecting ETH to reach $200 soon.

Meanwhile several mammoth-sized ETH transfers have been spotted by Whale Alert, together worth $241,774,447.

‘Ethereum heading for $200-$220’

Trader ‘Romeo_Deris’ from TradingView has posted a chart, according to which ETH is heading towards $200 (Target 1) and then $220 (Target 2) in a rising channel. He expects the first level to be taken in late April and the second one – in May.

Image via TradingView
“The price of Ethereum will rise, because it is in a growing channel.”

Rather bearish than bullish

Crypto trader going by the name ‘Posty’ says he is bullish and bearish on Ethereum now at the same time. However, he seems more bearish than bullish after all:

“If we seen a bullish breakout of the wedge, I’d feel a lot better looking for long opportunities.”

Cole Kennelly from ‘OntheChain’ has posted a tweet saying that in 2020 so far ETH has been more profitable than Bitcoin – 44.4% for ETH vs 4.9% for BTC.

Whales move 1.2 mln ETH for a tiny fee

Whale Alert has revealed that over the past fifteen hours, crypto whales have transferred a jaw-dropping amount of Ether, totalling 1,251,291. That’s equal to $241,774,447.

Six transactions with three worth 240,000 ETH on average, two bearing 140,000 ETH each and one – 180,000. The fees for each of these transfers were less than $1.

Image via Twitter