“We Will Top Bitmain” GMO B2 Bitcoin Miner Revealed

A major technology company in Japan has just announced their new 7 nm bitcoin ASIC miner. The device has a higher price point than the competition, but according to reports, has a significantly higher hash rate. Called the GMO Miner B2, the device is expected to ship in October 2018.

Introducing the GMO Miner B2

In an announcement made through a press release, the Japanese company GMO Internet Group announced their intentions to become a major player in the bitcoin mining industry by releasing what is slated to be a technologically superior device to the Bitmain S9.

The CEO Masatoshi Kumagai said that he respects Bitmain, but “we will top them”.

What makes this more than just a product release is the fact that this device could potentially disrupt the current near-monopoly that Bitmain holds over ASIC mining. According to a recent blog post written by the team behind the Obelisk, an ASIC miner for Siacoin, Bitmain is notorious for “playing dirty”. Specifically, when they tried to find companies to manufacture their parts, they would find their orders mysteriously canceled and with no explanation as to why. The implication given in the blog post was that Bitmain pressures computer parts manufacturers in China to only produce ASIC hardware for them and no one else.

In response, Bitmain released a blog post in which they declared this accusation a “conspiracy theory”. Neither side of the argument has produced concrete evidence.

It is, however, somewhat unsurprising that GMO’s new miner was not manufactured in mainland China, but was instead made in Taiwan.

Tech Specs

The first major innovation with the B2 is that it uses a 7 nanometer manufacturing process. This means the device’s individual processors are grouped even more closely, and are thus faster and more efficient.

At the unveiling event on June 5, Bloomberg reporter Yuji Nakamura revealed the specifics of the device. According to him, the device will retail for just under $2000, have a mining speed…

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