We need a great article from a GREAT blogger. Will pay in Bitcoin Cash. : btc

We see that many newcomers to read.cash struggle with becoming good at blogging. Writing about stuff that might not be interesting at all, unfocused, writing an article an be disappointed that nobody read it or tipped… We don’t have any expertise in that either. Barely words together joining, in order correct occasionally.

So, we want to find someone who’s already successful at blogging, who can explain in an article or series of articles all the important stuff to our newcomers: how to select a topic that interests the audience, how to deal with the writer’s block, how to keep the reader interested, how to attract the audience to your articles (promotion).

Does anyone know any great proven bloggers? Or maybe someone IS a great successful blogger… and is up for a challenge?

If the article is great as expected – it’ll be recommended to every newcomer to the site, earning the tips forever! (offer valid while the universe lasts… and our site… whatever ends sooner)

Just in case – we do want someone GREAT, but we’re a small startup, so keep your budget request reasonable, we’re not a Media Empire 🙂 and be prepared to prove that you know what you’re going to be talking about.

(Also if you know somebody and will ping them or you can tweet/FB/whatever this call for authors – we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!)

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